I found myself in a state of clear sleep, not being able to move, my body felt like frozen but my mind and senses were very present.

I could feel my body lying in a horizontal position, but in the same time it seemed to occupy in another space, within a pyramid, levitating.

Suddenly, I felt something inside opened up like an umbrella, thousands of laser beams transpierced my body in a very organized manner, they shined and spread this white light. A voice in my head whispered the protocol: my body was floating at exactly 2/3 of the pyramids height.

At this point I experienced a state of bliss, I knew I am made of stardust and light. Stars were calling for me to return home. This white light was my true

companion, even if I wasn’t aware of it constantly.

I felt like organized mirrors reflect your intentions when being present into this dimension.

Being in that state of clear dream within the pyramid, I experienced eternity consciousness: Stillness and acknowledgment of all those lost memories of past present and future worlds reuniting in one second. So I suddenly felt larger, larger than my room, my entire apartment, even larger than the city,

growing as if I took a bite from that Alice’s “eat me” cake. I don’t know how long it last, I remember only when my consciousness switched back to this space/time of programmed reality. Confused I woke up not knowing how to integrate what just happened within my limited being.

The pyramid dress takes you to that space of tranquility and being connected first to yourself and to all that is.





Trying to make sense of what just happened and the new insights, I knew I have experienced a much deeper level of reality than the one I experience on the day to day basis.

Trying to make sense of my experience, my thoughts led me This led me to the insight we might live this very day to day life in a computer simulation, a perfect one to one`s senses. Space-time, a fractal construction at its base might have started as a primordial vibration sustaining everything that is, revealing all visible to the eye, matter as an illusion.

All there really exists, is consciousness, arriving on this plane of existence trough a ripple in space-time, a portal, to experience division. Ignorance and distraction leads the soul into forgetfulness, until the heart shows he way back home.

I imagine there is a way to find that space of truth and “knowing it all” by sliding trough the portal, entering the printed kimono/ dress.





I could feel my body frozen, my consciousness totally present, the same voice asked me to continue this protocol, as if we had a contract. So I instantly found myself at once at different places, again. I was supposed to enter a certain doorway, using my astral body, traveling to south America in a very precise area. I arrived there and a thought came to mind- making me feel I could be trapped and not able to return by continuing this experience in the unknown.

My humanly fear interfered and I resisted, as I thought I will get totally lost in this metaphysical experience. My fear was so strong, that it interrupted it all, and so I fell back to earth.

This print gives you the insight of the possibility of occupying different dimensions at once.





Frozen again, but with open senses, having the capacity of seeing all even with eyes closed. Four strange grey shadowy beings reunited around my bed, and I knew, these are consciousness’s called by my fears. My body was cold, I sensed a metal taste, and something didn’t felt right.

Laying on my bed but in the same time on a operation desk I felt l a cable like device connecting to my lower spine and thousands of watts of information rushed trough my spine

upwards. It surpassed my level of understanding and polar thinking in matter of good or bad, so I thought of me as being totally lost. A thought of love came up and it seemed to change the outcome, and made all that setting disappear in a second. Suddenly I was there, able to move, I woke up, and all around me disappeared, like a nightmare.

Illusion and reality seemed to be so difficult to tear apart, as if worlds of different realities sometimes collide.

I opened my eyes but continued to see intricate kaleidoscopic patterns, appearing like a blueprint of reality.

The kaleidoscopic print invites to look for geometric patterns underneath every days complex reality.




The nights of the following 4 weeks I experienced as well different realities, as if I was laying too close to the skin of another dimension.

Today I would call it lower astral, as it represented a reality that was superposed to the usual one, I felt I have one foot in one and the other in another, as I`ve got sensory impressions from both of them. I went to sleep and everything started again while the body was frozen, but the consciousness was vividly present.

All creatures of the lower astral, I imagine, came into play, the most curious, hideous, bizarre. I thought they are just waiting for me to fall asleep, unconscious, so they do the harm.

After asking for Help, a fireball of blue light with a beautiful human face appeared which cleansed my aura in a second. The heavy dust which resulted was collected in a bowl next to my head.

But the monsters continued to stay, as if I had to find the solution to this all. Finally, I knew, they are mine, all those monsters, are my creatures, invented by myself or even attracted by myself. I have lived and gathered them inside, all these years. They are my weakness, my lies, my feelings of anger, hate, fear. So simple, just by looking in their eyes they disappeared one by one, without trace, like shadows dissolving into light.

So, in the darkest moments, there is light cracking open the ignorance.



The following moment felt like entering heaven, so simple, light and luminous and last 3 days of walking on clouds. Finally I felt large, as if my body`s substance has changed consistency. My heart, like a sun, seamed to grow bigger; being able to connect to everything- animated and inanimated things in my proximity.

Like an opening flower reality unfolded in a magical way, revealing to me all details and aspects of all things I perceived, as if my attention capacity was able to penetrate all thing around me in a mystical and magical manner, and also it was able to gain a innate understanding of it all.




My vision enlarged and sometimes I thought I can see beyond walls. All thing around were the same, but not quite, by looking at the world, I could feel lights presence everywhere, and also I sensed constantly a flavor of sweetness, as all my senses seemed to be attained by this experience. My smile did not fade, by any circumstances, because of the certainty of what I have experienced.

Petals of my heart opened in rainbow formations of kaleidoscopic flowers, changing forever my perception of connection between inner and outer world. Light penetrates matter from the inside, when resistance to unity disappears.

Being happy without a reason, I lately experienced as short sequences while mediating, but never as a full sequence of time lasting over hours or days.




That feeling of being connected, of oneness with all that is was unique and revealing of my potential as a human.

Never again I have really returned to that place/ space , but everyday since I think of it and how to be achieved. I know I had a taste of paradise and it remained branded in my mind like a big tattoo covering my whole brain.

And so I became obsessed to find it again, wandering the last 10 years, believing there are chances I have came closer.

This feeling inspired me to always seek the magic in all thing around. As I knew all things to be animated, even stones, I searched for a profound way to reveal their soul, their message. For example, the mirror hematite I have found in Morocco in a mine reflects like a broken glass the image of the beholder, as if the outer world is a mirror image of the observers inner self. When provoking inner changes, the outer world shapes itself to match the new you.

The hematite print dress is a reminder for this universal law of causal connection between the inner and the outer world.




Temples are holy spaces allowing to reach for the infinite self. Sometimes there is a sound technology built in, which helps the brainwaves to harmonize and to enter a different reality space time continuum.

Most temples, stone alignments or churches are built on places where lay lines cross, as these are special places where the skins of the worlds “touch” each other, and so a different reality is most susceptible of being experienced.

These complexes of mostly ancient temples are oftentimes as well related to the alignment of the stars, so that connecting to them, reveals in a conscious or unconscious manner to the observer, its place in the universe.

As above so below, as Hermetists say.

I was attracted to visit the stone alignments in Carnac (France), as well as to visit the temples and Pyramids in Egypt (Karnak and Luxor ). The temples I have visited last summer 2018 in Malta, revealed one of the most ancient and sophisticated civilizations, using in the Hypogeum a very advanced sound technology.

The image of the aura quartz crystal, alike a mountain temple, invites one to step into the sacred space of the heart, allowing the metamorphosis of those who accept to unify heart and mind for the purpose of manifesting their highest potential, raise their frequency and grow.



Most various and interesting minerals are created inside the earth, revealing different patterns, mostly of fractal nature, sustained by morphogenetic fields.

I aimed for my crystal prints to come from a place of authenticity which always leads to the heart. To open my own heart, I reached to the crystals within the heart of Gaia, literally by taking this trip to the mines in Morocco last year, 2018.

It was an impressing view to see this arid landscape with stones colored in green in vivid blue. The azurit mine was abandoned and it looked like someone has cracked open earth`s blue belly and turned out everything inside. There were some huge magnificent blue stones ad I just walked around and felt peaceful in their presence.




The baryte mine looked like Swiss cheese and it was an enormous labyrinth. We`ve spent quite some time trying to cut out some stones by ourselves, but our guide decided to take me even deeper into one gallery. We`ve met a big guy, who occupied only by his shoulders the whole gallery. It was the village`s teacher, who worked on week-ends to gain some extra money. I was quite happy and surprised to come into the possession of such a large baryite stone.

I was allowed to spend some time alone as well within one of the galleries and meditate.

Being absorbed in earth`s wonderland, every cell in my body aligned with earth`s primordial vibration, as small clocks follow the beat of the larger clock when close by. Time-lapse, all programming being absorbed by the rocks, leaved me within the simplicity of I AM.

Baryte is a stone which absorbs electromagnetic waves and showed itself quite useful for me during meditation, when placed on or around the heart chakra, it absorbs fears or negativity.




The broken glass hematite, photographed in a different light, shows off its rainbow colored sparkles of transformation, revealing the rainbow body. When the process of transformation is provoked, divine gifts are unveiled every day, just by looking closer to the reality and acknowledging synchronicities, magical encounters but as well difficulties, allowing to grow even more.

The shell cracks open, colors are allowed to bleed from the inside out.





Ascending stairway geometries alike these Bismuth formations remind me of a daydream I had while chanting for the first time the buddhist mantra “Nam Myoho Renghe Kyo”: I saw myself climbing a rainbow spiral, in the shape of the DNA. I sensed that at the core of my encoded genetically information a change has taken place.

I believe it is possible to surpass todays limitations of the current consciousness of illness and even death as well as to transform conflicts and negativity into a harmonious way of living together, by elevating consciousness.

I felt inspired by the book “The life of the masters” by Spalding, in which he talks about ascended masters living among common people in Tibet, having attained a certain degree of consciousness, illumination. This enabled them to live a simple life of manifesting whatever they needed, offering their help and compassion, and sharing teachings of living from the heart. As I believe in the unlimited human potential, I think this ideal can be attained, and I hope to inspire with my prints and stories. By wearing these prints there is a conscious or subconscious connection established by the wearer to the prints and the ideas behind them.