We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin I welcome you to the experience of my inner visions expressed by motives and colors throughout my collection of clothes. As a fashion designer having worked in this field since more than a decade, I felt that creating clothes might be the best way to express myself, I therefore launch this year 2019 my Woman`s wear brand ANDREEA TAVITIAN.

A rebel at heart, in order to gather an authentic approach, I will not conform entirely to the specific rules of fashion, particularly concerning seasons and mass production. The major inspirations for the prints of the collection are drawn from an introspection reflected in the use of minerals, crystalized trough pressure by mother earth, responding like an echo to a tangible transcendental experience I`ve lived some time ago. The clothes I design are an invitation to celebrate the divine feminine. Natural fibers like silk, viscose, cotton are being used to be printed with the images of crystals I have collected during a trip to Morocco`s mines 2018. A shaman alike, I induce life and meaning into the woven fibers of the dresses by telling my story through the patterns, hoping to empower those who wear them out into the world.

Concerning the story I tell, it`s about questioning perception, the nature of reality and dream state and the way they sometimes can confound. Acknowledging other realities through altered states of consciousness is something that happened to me since early childhood, even though I decided to keep most of those experiences to myself. I knew very well most of my family and friends don`t see the world the way I do, so I have learned to conform to the norm in order to be accepted. The years passed and felt recently I live two lives in parallel, one that I`m expected to live by the outer world, more common and superficial, and another one, almost secretly, more spiritual and interior. The truth being my only option to become entirely happy and fulfilled, I have decided to give a voice to that inner world, so I share it with you, disguised in prints and clothes, hoping you to enjoy!