Ascending stairway geometries alike these Bismuth formations remind me of a daydream I had while chanting for the first time the Buddhist mantra “Nam Myoho Renghe Kyo”: I saw myself climbing a rainbow spiral, in the shape of the DNA. I sensed that at the core of my encoded genetically information a change has taken place.I believe it is possible to surpass today’s limitations of the current consciousness of illness and even death as well as to transform conflicts and negativity into a harmonious way of living together, by elevating consciousness. 

I felt inspired by the book “The life of the masters” by Spalding, in which he describes the life of ascended masters living among common people in Tibet, having attained a certain degree of consciousness. This enabled them to live a simple life of manifesting whatever they needed, offering their help and compassion, and sharing teachings of living from the heart. As I believe in the unlimited human potential, I think this ideal can be attained, and I hope to inspire with my prints and stories. By wearing the printed dresses and kimonos there is a conscious and subconscious connection established by the wearer to the images, the stones and the ideas behind them.